Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Being Good and Bad has a Price

It's very hard trying to be a good person throughout ones life. It is especially for a person whose truly been through their own version of hell. When a person finally reaches their breaking point, people act all surprised. You see the last year for me have been nothing but one bad built up to another. I always shake the feeling not to long after but this time I feel it's my breaking point. I don't want to shake the feeling anymore. It's better to feel it deep inside my heart to remind myself.

I was always the different one, the odd black sheep. My way of dealing with it was getting away to the outdoors and it always made me feel alive again. It was good when I was younger but now grown older it feels different.

When I decided to join Second Life it felt like my own fresh start. It was good and exciting in the beginning getting to learn everything and all the possibilities. However now I feel seven years later like it has consumed a part of me. Being taken for granted, lied to, cheated on, back-stabbed, used, humiliated, harassed, disgusting attitudes and any other bad shit has basically happened to me. No matter what it seems being good or even bad both have a price. Time for me to close this chapter and move on for good.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How Disturbing was born.

For a long time I have wanted to do dark designs. As much as I love my original brand sometimes I needed a different outlet. I tried creating other small brands but it simply didn't truly fit. Until not long ago it finally clicked. The brand name came to me while I was listening to Marilyn Manson. I know most people freak out when they hear his name but I can care less.
This is one of the first pieces I created for :x: Disturbing :x: It was a lot of fun not creating formal for once. Also being able to design in my color addiction of black and red only. Plus the photography and editing was the opposite which was also fun. I might even do some black and white photography.
This was the creative outlet I surely needed after recently going through some rough times. It's my way of healing and letting out my negative energy. Great friends do get surprised asking how do you do it after all that happened? Sometimes it's better for me to not answer that question because it's not always pretty like roses.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Holiday Season is here

I haven't blogged in a while so it feels good to write again. I have had a long summer and things have not slowed down at all. The Gotham Island event finally ended on October 31st and we surpassed our set goal. Next on my list is The Christmas Expo in which I have been working on my store and designs as well. Besides that I've honestly been quiet these days and only talk to very few people not counting anything business related. I'm simply to busy to be active in the way I was before.

Right now I am just looking forward to the holiday season starting soon and taking that Christmas break to refresh for the new year. I also wanted to do a winter artsy style photo so I came up with this and like it very much. The coat I'm wearing which is perfect for winter is from Gizza, that brand however is now closed.

There is some exciting news to share as the first ever charity awards was held in Second Life. I'm proud I did so well and was surprised at a few of the results. I will just be listing mine below.

Rising Coordinator Star - Winner
Best Volunteer Award - Winner
Best Supportive Designer - Winner
Best Supportive Blogger - Winner
Best Use of Web - Winner
Best Web Design - Winner

Best New or One Time Charity
– Autism Speaks Charity – 2nd Place
– Miles For Memories (ALZ) – 3rd Place

Best US Charity
– Autism Speaks – 3rd Place

Finical Management Award
Social Media Award
– Miss Royalty Foundation – 3rd Place

Best Supportive Musician/DJ/Radio
– Rose Mikaelson – 2nd Place

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Next Adventure

I have finished my collection and it feels good. A break is much deserved from designing for now and I hope to start back up again in the winter. I have finally started on the sims for next month's event. The event will take place on October 1st, 2017 and run until midnight on October 31st, 2017. I'm very excited to decorate everything Halloween.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Crazy Schedule

Some turn of events have happened recently as well as so much other things I am involved in. First being I decided to remove myself as the shop manager for a job I was hired not long ago because it's honestly best. I'd rather be the coordinator for large events because it's what I know and am used to.

In meantime I am working on my 3rd anniversary collection in which I am very excited about. It will feature a sneak peek advertise in next month Eclipse Magazine. I have finished the single colors of the entire collection in order to give time for the models to style for their photoshoots. I have complete four of ten in the collection but I look forward to the entire collection finished. The anniversary is next month in August.

I am also looking forward to Gotham City Event 2017 which supports The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. The event will take place on October 1st, 2017 and run until midnight on October 31st, 2017. We will work on the sim in September. I'm very excited to decorate everything Halloween.

While that event will run the entire month of October. I do look forward to taking small breaks in between. This will help me keep me relaxed and also help prepare for November. As for December which is time for Christmas (yay!). I hope to be able to participate in The Christmas Expo which helps support Relay For Life during the off-season. I have since 2015 so I will do my best to continue. Christmas is after all the time when people give the most.

So as you can see I can fully booked for the entire year. At times it feels like so much to do so little time. It's all about balance and remembering to step away for a moment to. This is also why I haven't been able to blog.